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설립년도: 2015, 임직원수: 15, 사업분야: 모바일서비스, 웹서비스, 마케팅, 스타트업, 공유경제, B2B, 무역, 글로벌, B2B2C


Tridge is a startup operating in the trade sector. We do things differently. We chase demand through our network of “Finders”, market and industry experts who helps us identify demand in various markets and meet it. Unlike traditional trading companies, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We use technology to accelerate processes in operations, communication and acquisition. We recognise that uncertainty and its associated risks translate into an unwillingness to take action for people and businesses alike. The majority of businesses operating in our sector are supply-driven, unable to reassure their clients that it is worth pursuing a new opportunity in a new geography. This stops growth in its wake. Our business model and our technology based approach means that we are able to do things better and drive results. How? We create a cycle of opportunity where Finders, buyers, suppliers and our employees alike can benefit and embrace new opportunities. To learn more, please visit


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Sell And Distribute Products Internationally With Tridge Trade

Simply let us know what you want to sell, and we will use our extensive network of Tridge Finders to find and secure the right buyers and distribution channels for you.


  • 날짜 2015-01-19


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